Remote File Administration

A utility program that will download the Stricknet End of Day Data automatically.

FREE to those who subscribe to Stricknet's data service. It's not a large file, uses very little computer resources, and you define when you want it to download the data to your computer. I'm not sure of any bugs since it was put together quickly but it works great on most machines. If you detect any bugs please let us know.

Important -- How our data is saved. The latest data on our server is always named "". It is also saved as "data_YYYYMMDD". We keep the dated file on our server for 30 days and then it is deleted. Tomorrow when we compile the new data, it too is saved as ", overwriting the previous day's file, but this gives us a constant file name that can be programmed for automation. So if you ever overwrite the file too soon on your computer, you can still login to our website and obtain it. (

Download the software at the bottom of this page.


After you download and start the program you'll see the screen below:

Step 1: Click the HTTP button at the top left of the screen.

Step 2: Type the path to the data (

Step 3: Type in your username and password.

Step 4: Click the "Local" button on the top right of the screen.

Step 5: Enter the path where you want the file saved on your computer. (You must include the file name)

Step 6: Click the "Add Action" button on the bottom left.

The "Add Action" button created a script list in the bottom box.

Step 7: Click the "Save List" button and the program will save the script. You can name it anything you want. I named mine "Download Data". It will automatically place the .log extension on the file. Then click "Save" but remember where you save it. I'd just place it in the Remote File Administration folder.

Now open the Scheduler by clicking on "Scheduler" button.

Step 8: Click the Brows button and open the script file that you saved in the last step.

Step 9: Enter the time of day you want to download the file.

Step 10: Click which days of the week you want to download it.

Step 11: Click the Add Scheduled Item.

Step 12: Check the box on the bottom left to start the Scheduler every time you start up.

Then click "Hide" and close out Remote File Administration. You'll never have to do anything else. Every day the Scheduler will go download the file at your designated time.

Download the Software Here

It will work for 2 weeks without an unlock code. Set it up and use a few days and if you like it send us an email and we'll send you the unlock code.